Anchors Away Immigration Reform Plan


Whereas it was the intention of the international clique to flood the country with third worlders, as to destroy the founding stock of the country, and whereas this clique has controlled our jewdiciary since the 20th century, and whereas they used control of this branch of the government to stop the enforcement of immigration law, the United States shall have a law to make good the demographic destruction done to the country by this international tribe. I give you the Anchor’s Away Bill that will become law:

Revoke citizenship of all anchor babies born since Jan 1, 1965

Revoke citizenship of all those who got citizenship from them

Revoke citizenship of all granted amnesty since Jan 1, 1965

Revoke citizenship of all those who have ever entered the country illegally

Revoke citizenship of all of their descendants

Revoke the citizenship of any US citizenship of any person who has ever held Israeli citizenship, gone on a ‘birthright’ trip to Israel, or used an Israeli passport.

Dump all of the above groups of people on the southern side of the wall between the US and Mexico, and let them figure out how to get home from there.


White voters, if you want to make this happen, you have to register to to vote in the primary on June 5, and you have to vote for Patrick Little.


Patrick Little

Dianne Feinstein Being Replaced by De Leon as Dem Senate Candidate

This is a mixed bag.  While it was my dream to run against a citizen of a foreign country, such as Dianne Feinstein, it will suffice to run against an anti-white member non-white.


De Leon is coming for your guns, your dignity as a traditional American, and your borders.  The trolling opportunities will be plenty… this guy still says that Heather Heyer’s death was the result of a ‘terrorist attack’, and not a heart attack.


Let’s play this right: start feeding me tips on this gun-grabber.


Patrick Little

“Free Monika” Demonstrations

Monika Schaefer is a sweet old lady in prison for asking honest questions about dogmas in Germany.  She is one of many political prisoners being held for questioning certain historical narratives.


sorry mom wrong about holocaust


I will be leading a demonstration in front of the San Francisco German Consulate.


Email me at if you would like to organize a peaceful protest in front of your nearest German Embassy or German Consulate.


We need people in front of the German Embassy in DC, and as many embassies and consulates as possible, in the US and around the world.


Here’s a quick video with the details about Monika’s persecution:

schaefer arrest

For details on the persecution of Monika, see


I would like to do it either this weekend or next.


I will be updating this article with more details shortly.


Here’s a map of the Location of German Consulates in the US:

German Consulates
Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

First Town Hall

Great first town hall. I answered some questions from California voters.

We had planned to have voters call in via a chat server to the hangout, but we had technical difficulties, so we changed to format to having a moderator read me questions from the chat. I’ll be scheduling another one soon; I look forward to chatting with you!

Patriotic Movements Brewing In the Heart Of Europe

Translations to follow, just posting links right now, details and translations to follow:

translation of video above:

Can you hear us, far in the back, on the sides?


Opposing side Chants: “There is no right to Nazi propaganda”

This side now chants the same, mockingly “There is no right to Nazi propaganda”




Thank you, Axel, for these really moving words, it was very powerful,

and I saw in in your faces, that all of you were moved.


This is exactly why we are here, to be stirred, and I looked at my friend

Morris, he who always escorted me step by step, and was at the University,

and I also saw the lightning in his eyes. Isn’t that right Morris?


He is a correspondent of the free and open press, and he provides coverage

for all.


And also the woman in front here, I don’t know her name, hello. She is always in

tow behind me, and I find that splendid, thank you, welcome here to our circle!





Yes, I thank all of you who came, from near and far, I thank the Dresden residents that

spontaneously decided to come, I thank all of you that had planned for long to come

here, to those who stayed in contact with me, and those who will remain overnight.

Thanks to all who have been coming for years.

I am here for the first time, because I used to be on the opposing side over there!



I was also over there demonstrating against borders, I also sang

“no borders, no deportation”, and drank a lot, and smoked a lot, and looked at a lot of porn videos.

Back in that short time, when I was estranged from myself.

Those things I named, what I used to do, that was all bad.


At that dose of poison, one can still function for a while.

But so many of my generation are caught up in these bad things, as I once was, this is terrible, and it

alienates us from ourselves, as it alienates us from our history, our ancestry…

because, as a result of these things, we are always outside ourselves, we suffer self-alienation.


And these are qualities I have noticed lately. For me, it is not long ago, my awakening.

Only this word, awakening, is suitable.

I now consider my life before to have been a dream, a dream that was perhaps very comfortable,

there was a bit of a silver lining to it, without question, but I was unconscious!


But now, to be recalled to life, that is such a huge gift, and I am so thankful, that I could achieve

consciousness in my life, because I’d doing better than I’ve ever done, and I’ve been especially well

since I was set free from school!


I think it was the “Berlin Currier”, they wrote of me,”Berlin Nazi Preacher Now Free To Rabble-Rouse”,

and I use this freedom to Rabble-Rouse to agitate quite extensively.

I agitate every day, and many of you follow this on Youtube.

And since I became a free agitator, I no longer have any back pain. For many years, I had chronic back pain,

in the lower lumbar. I think many of you have this pain.

It says something about your health, to get out of bed and have to hold your aching back, and to always be hunched

over as you go. That’s gone now! I now stand upright!


And to be able to walk with my head raise, and I credit the burden of guilt having fallen from my shoulders, the guilt

I grew up with, that I was bombarded with from every direction, that always stalked me, wherever I was…

whether I was reading the newspaper, watching the TV, talking to friends or family, everyone carried this guilt, and

it was the defining character of everyone’s personality, a monster we all carried with us, a burden that could not be

set down, and I was really oppressed by this guilt.


But, since I educated myself, and read things that I wasn’t allowed to read… I think many read from those things which

they are not allowed to read, but we keep silent about it!… but it helps, it is a medicine.

And with all those I speak with, who have done like I have, they confirm to me that they too have been recalled to life!

And through this, communities are springing up, communities forged in love and mutual respect, where we are not constantly

obsessed with guilt, in which there is no obligation to chant empty words, as the group over there does,

because we don’t need (to do) that!


It is because of this, that those things that they read aloud over there, which they feel obligated to read aloud.

We don’t need any of this.


The fact that we are here, and that we follow, I’ll just call it this, this German spirit… Upright, clear!


Through this spirit we understand each other, and become close. I got to know so many people, yesterday too, and I didn’t

know personally before any of them before, but now there is already a unity. Many describe this unity, and how it grows,

and constantly grows, that constantly more join our circle. Even if we are not yet 5,000, perhaps that many will come

next year. But they are already everywhere sleepers who are ready to join in. We notice it when we speak with people.

The consciousnesses, it slowly grows, along with the readiness to do something, to no longer be silent.

It grows, and it becomes stronger. This is clear to see in the emails I receive as well as in the video comments as well as in conversations

with people.


That what was once attempted, to decimate the German spirit, that didn’t work!

And it will never work, this spirit is within us, and it is coming to the surface.

And that is why it doesn’t matter that those enforces of ordinances throw obstacles in

our path, with these things they keep chanting from back there, these crap my two ‘friends’

from Berlin keep writing,… it will have no influence, it just makes us stronger, because

it reveals their state of mind, and it increases our sympathy for them.


I pray for all of those who are on the other side, and those who write about us, for those

who have written about us, those who scream at us, that they too some day can take part

in this recovery (of being recalled to life)…

Because they are not our enemies, even though they sometimes behave so, but they are also a part of our people,

many of them in any case.


I come from a far-left background, and it hurts me, the people I used to be so close to, how they have distanced

themselves, how I distanced myself. And I hope for them, that they also join me, join us, where I am, where those

who speak after me probably are. And with this I pass the microphone, after one last thing:

In connection to the rally, I don’t know if we will be going back around the houses, okay, we will soon be going

around the houses, then we will come back here, and then we will go to the hotel/hostel that I booked.

There we have a room where we can meet up and talk with each other. Everyone is welcome there, even those who

didn’t book a room there. I’m curious how many will fit in there. Provided will be some food and drink.

For that, we have the many donors to thank. And now an applause for all of those who donated to me the money

they I used to facilitate these things for us… because nothing is nothing other than energy.

We will all go there together, please don’t go there alone, we don’t know who we will run into on the way.


Text on screen at end:

The meetup at the end didn’t come to fruition, details to come in the next folk’s education video to follow .

It was adventurous and incredible!!! You can get excited.


other links:

Online Townhall on Monday February 19, Call in to Get Your Questions Answered!


town hall

US Citizens who are residents of California are welcome to join a discord server on Monday, February 19.

I will be doing a live-streamed video conference, and will be accepting questions from people on the discord server who will be given voice access to the live stream for the duration of their question, meaning you don’t have to show your face to call in.


The discord link will be posted on this website by Monday morning.

The time will be announced in the next two days.