Reaction to President Trump Bombing Syria



Mid April was party time for the (((Deep State)))

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I published this video on April 13th on my YouTube Channel:


Trump promised not to go into any more of these Jewish Neoconservative wars of aggression for Israel on the campaign trail… yet here we are bombing the heroes of the middle east, Assad’s government and Hezbollah, both of which have overwhelming support of the Christians of Lebanon and Syria.  They are the only things standing between these Christians and the fate met by Iraqi Christians/Assyrians at the hands of Israeli-funded/Israeli-armed ISIS.

March 24: Counter-Protesting San Fransisco Gun Grab March

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I counter-protested the “March For Our Lives” in San Francisco, pointing out to the crowd that children were being used as political tools

I also discussed the historical role Jews have played in disarming populations,

and how most of the push to violate the inalienable right to bear arms was being led by Jews like Michael Bloomberg, Joe Lieberman, and Dianne Feinstein, who gave a speech at the beginning of this gun grab march.


Towards the end of the march, I came across a self-identified Jew that wanted to have a discussion, so I stepped aside with him.  I was discussing how the Jews disarmed the Palestinians before taking away the rest of their rights, when he started physically assaulting me around minute 58 (video in link).

After he assaulted me twice, I decided to defend myself:


I also gave a brief monologue at Pier 14 was murdered by  a foreign national illegally in the country after the march.

I also had a good conversation with one of the (peaceful) marchers.

Here is some more footage dealing with a trickle of people coming from the main march.

I did an interview with a Telamundo News crew, but they never aired the footage.

I’ve Been Busy

Wish I had money to pay someone to keep the site up to date.

I have a lot of updates to make tomorrow.

I have been endorsed by Dr. David Duke, former state representative in Louisiana, and attended a gun-grabber march, and much much more.  A lot of content getting uploaded in next 24 hours.

Also, my ballot designation has been approved by the Secretary of State, “Civil Rights Advocate”


Pat Little