Let’s Address The Legacy Of Slavery, Together

Let’s address the legacy of slavery.  According to US Censuses, Jews were 50 times more likely to own African slaves than whites.   According to the Jewish World Encyclopedia & leading jewish publications, jews ran not only the African slave trade in the US, but globally.  Please reach out to me for interviews regarding this topic.  Reparations have been included in my campaign platform since day 1:


Charlottesville Marcher Harassed To The Point Of Suicide

Civil rights for all is central to my platform.  Unfortunately, whites have been stripped of their civil rights, as the campaign to dehumanize whites continues globally. In Charlottesville, we marched to honor a hero of a man, General Robert E. Lee, one of the greatest military officers in history.  Lee opposed slavery, both before, during, and after the war, and he believed in the 10th Amendment, and felt a strong loyalty to his home state of Virginia, which he served honorably.

A man who attended the events at Charlottesville, which were called to protest the tearing down of the General Robert E. Lee statue, was bullied to the point where he took his own life.  55% of whites feel systematically discriminated against in a recent scientific poll, and those of us who stand up for our heroes and our heritage are attacked and dehumanized even more so than whites who do not dare to speak out.  The situation is dire, and we need to start protecting the civil rights of white Americans.  Take a moment of silence to honor a fallen man, Andrew Dodson, who dared to stand up for an American hero, General Lee.  Note, the doxxing of this proud American was reportedly doxxed by a jewish professor, and it appears as if the jewish community organized the targeting and harassment of this young, brilliant student.  Join me in opposing antifa, and other forms of jewish terrorism on June 5 in California.

May Andrew Dodson rest in peace.

The following article identifies this account as the Twitter handle of a jewish terrorist: @jrrosenb  .  Articles below:



Erin Cruz Won’t Debate Me


Erin Cruz, an open agent of the zionist lobby, has attacked via video and tweet.

If she is so confident that she is the better candidate, then she should debate me: